16 years ago Nexus was hired on by our first food manufacturer. At that time all we knew about food was how to swallow it at lunch time. Fast forward to today and Nexus is one of the fastest growing food brokerage firms in the Western Region of the United States. Our Reps are crossed trained to not only be the most knowledgeable experts on foodservice disposables but are also highly trained on a variety of food products so that when we are in the middle of a cutting with a high level chef we are able to educate the chefs rather than learn from them. Nexus strategically represents manufacturers that can offer our salesforce the efficiency of vertical selling product platforms like selling pepperoni, while we’re selling pizza boxes or selling soy based meat less meats with compostable packaging and organic locally baked bread.


Nexus Products - Pizza toppings

A broad line of IQF sausage, pepperoni, salami, beef and chicken for pizza and food toppings.

Full line of delicious sliced deli meats, brisket and pulled pork meats.

Full line of smoked brisket, turkey, pork (Ribs) and chicken meat products. 

A full line of anti-biotic free fresh and frozen chicken with over 300 different products.

Full line of pea protein, fava beans and soy plant based burgers, hot dogs, nuggets and sausages.


Premium line of Italian-style salami and charcuterie meats in chubs and in snack boxes

Vertically integrated pipeline of supply of high-quality fresh and frozen salmon fillets.

Chilean salmon harvested in Maine, brined and smoked to perfection into either cold or hot smoked products.

Broad line of gourmet bread products consisting of pretzels, sliced breads, brioche buns and loaves.

Raw salmon fillet garnished with lemon slices, fresh herbs, and colorful peppercorns on a rustic wooden board.


As a manufacturer’s representative agency  we’re excited to showcase our commitment to representing some of the best food manufacturers in the world.  We represent a variety of categories of food like pizza toppings, smoked salmon, smoked brisket, prime rib, meatless meat vegetarian products, gourmet breads and even fresh salmon and chicken. Our salesforce is a veteran group with over 80 years of combined expertise that can help elevate your menu and taste profile to attract more business. Contact us today for a free consultation.